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At Maxam Family Dental, we offer a wide variety of general dentistry services, ranging from routine dental exams and cleanings to more complex dental services including crowns, bridges, and dentures. Our focus is to make our patients feel comfortable while providing quality, affordable dental care for patients of all ages, including children.

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Our state of the art technology provides effective results and also makes for a comfortable experience. Patients who are anxious, or those undergoing complex and major dental work, have the option of nitrousoxide sedation.


Dental Bridge

  • A non-removable, fixed bridge is a dental prosthesis that replaces one or more natural missing teeth by spanning the space between two other teeth.
  • A fixed bridge is best suited for a person with missing teeth who is committed to maintaining good oral hygiene.


Dental Crown

  • A crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is a dental restoration that completely covers a prepared tooth.
  • Its main function is to strengthen a weakened or decayed tooth or a tooth with root canal therapy.
  • It also results in a more cosmetic solution to mal-shaped or discolored teeth.
  • There are several different types of crowns that can be used: zirconia, emax, gold, and porcelain fused to metal


We always try to save natural teeth. However, when a person looses all of their teeth on either the upper or lower arch it is necessary to wear a complete denture. Dentures are an acceptable solution, but are no match for real teeth. When your teeth are removed, you are left with a ridge of bone on the upper and lower parts of the mouth that we can use to put false teeth.


Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots.
  • Dental implants are lightweight titanium or ceramic artificial roots that are surgically embedded in the jaw bone to which replacement teeth are attached.
  • Implants can provide the supporting structure for improved appearance, speech, comfort and chewing ability.
  • They can be used to replace small bridges, removable partial dentures and even missing single teeth.

Partial Dentures

  • Removable partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases, which are connected by a metal framework.
  • A partial attaches to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments.
  • Crowns on your natural teeth may improve the fit of a removable partial denture and they are usually required with attachments. Partials with precision attachments generally cost more than those with metal clasps and are generally more aesthetic than metal clasps since they are nearly invisible.
  • Flexible partials are also an option; they are thin, lightweight, and flexible and offer patients an alternative to traditional metal partials.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers

  • This procedure requires little or no anesthesia, and can be the ideal choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers are placed to mask discolorations, to brighten teeth, and to improve a smile.
  • Highly resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea, or even cigarette smoking, the wafer-thin porcelain veneers can achieve an extremely strong bond to the tooth, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing naturalness that is unsurpassed by other restorative options.

Root Canals

  • Nothing is as good as a natural tooth! And sometimes your natural tooth may need Endodontic (root canal) treatment for it to remain a healthy part of your mouth.
  • Signs to look for include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discoloration of the tooth, and swelling or tenderness in the nearby gums. But sometimes, there are no symptoms.
  • Most patients report that having Endodontic (root canal) treatment today is as unremarkable as having a cavity filled.


Dental Sealants

  • Sealants can help make preventing tooth decay even easier for you and your child.
  • To supplement this regular routine of brushing and flossing, an application coat of sealant to the biting surface of a tooth creates a barrier between your tooth and the decay causing bacteria that live in plaque.


  • There is nothing like having your own smile and teeth. Dentists worldwide know that there is no ideal replacement for a natural tooth.
  • We believe that it is best to retain as many natural teeth as possible.
  • With modern dental techniques, many teeth can be saved that would have required an extraction in the past.
  • However, sometimes the need does arise for the recommendation to remove teeth.

Dental Tooth Extraction
Reasons for extractions:

  • Poor bone support as a result of Periodontal Disease.
  • Severe decay.
  • Root fractures.
  • Poor arch position.
  • Others…

Composite Fillings

Dental Composite Fillings

  • A composite resin is a tooth-colored mixture containing silicon dioxide glass as filler. Originally, these bonded fillings were confined to the front teeth because they were not strong enough to withstand the pressure and wear generated by the back teeth.
  • New advances in materials have allowed composites to be successfully placed in the back teeth as well. Composites are not only used for restoring decay, but are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.


Teeth Whitening

  • Many individuals who have discolored enamel are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. They go to great lengths to achieve the perfect smile.
  • Tooth bleaching is a procedure offered for cosmetic purposes and may be a solution.
  • Any person considering using home bleaching products should seek advice from a dentist since home-bleaching treatments may not be effective or preferable for every individual.
  • At our office, we offer Professional Crest White Strips, Custom made bleaching trays, and in office Zoom whitening.

Quality, Affordable Dental Care for Patients of all ages.

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